Hester Environmental Hydraulics Research Group       

managing stream, river, wetland, and groundwater hydraulics to benefit aquatic ecosystems and water quality



We are interested in how hydrology, hydraulics, and geomorphology interact to influence ecological health and water quality in stream, river, wetland, and groundwater systems. Our goal is to advance process-based knowledge to allow better informed and more sustainable restoration design, pollutant attenuation by natural processes, watershed planning, and energy generation.  For more information about our research program, please follow the links above.

I will be on sabbatical at National Taiwan University from August 2017 through June 2018 studying river-floodplain interaction and effects on water quality supported by the Fulbright Program.  The best way to reach me during this time is by email.

Erich T. Hester, PhD, PE
Associate Professor
Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech
220-D Patton Hall, Mail Code 0105
750 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
ehester (at) vt edu